Facilitation and Training 

Foresight Management Consulting provides an engaging learning experience that has greater value than each participant could gain on their own. The following guidelines are used to create each learning experience:

  • Facilitate learning, rather than to teach.
  • Create a learning situation where adults can discover answers and solutions for themselves, whenever possible.
  • Set a positive learning climate, welcoming and respecting participants’ contributions to the learning process.
  • Encourage discussion.  People remember best the things they have said themselves.
  • Encourage people to challenge assumptions and “common knowledge”.
  • Ask the right questions to generate thought and discussion.
  • Summarize when necessary and help make the links between the contributions of the participants and show how the collective knowledge/wisdom is growing.
  • Be sensitive to the dynamics in the group.  Draw in the quiet people and prevent the talkative ones from dominating.
  • Be aware of diversity and difference in the group and value each voice.
  • Be a learner  – showing a readiness to learn from the participants.

Foresight Management Consulting works with groups to develop and agree upon workable, realistic plans or solutions to issues; develop solutions and generate ownership that leads to results; develop skills that will lead to improved performance; and reinforce learning.

Topics include: managing organizational change; team building; communication; leadership; conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.