Strategic Planning 

Foresight Management Consulting helps organizations improve their performance through the analysis of existing business practices and the development of plans for improvement.

Strategic planning is a process used by organizations to define strategy, or direction, and make decisions on the allocation of human and financial resources to pursue the strategy. The following generic model provides an overview of the process (the number and sequence of steps vary with each organization).

Foresight Management Consulting will design a tailored strategic planning process that will suit your organization’s needs and ultimately achieve success.


  1. “SWOT” Analysis – an external/internal assessment to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  2. Strategic analysis to identify and prioritize major issues/goals
  3. Design major strategies (or programs) to address issues/goals
  4. Design/update vision, mission and values
  5. Establish action plans (objectives, resource needs, roles and responsibilities for implementation)
  6. Record issues, goals, strategies/programs, updated mission and vision, and action plans in a Strategic Plan document, and attach SWOT, etc.
  7. Develop the yearly Operating Plan document (from year one of the multi-year strategic plan)
  8. Periodically monitor, review, evaluate, update Strategic Plan document

Resource Development Planning

Foresight Management Consulting assists organizations with developing plans to pursue new sources of revenue while continuing to enhance existing sources. Plans are developed by assessing the capacity and capability of the organization to deliver net revenue growth. Strategies include increasing participation, increasing donation levels, reducing pledge losses, exploring new sources of revenue and partnerships.