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  • "I am pleased to recommend the strategic planning services of Dr. Janice Forsyth of Foresight Management Consulting. Janice facilitated an effective process that brought clarity and purpose to the development of  strategies, goals, and objectives. While she was flexible with her approach, Janice held firm to producing a meaningful and executable plan that would guide and improve our performance going forward.  Most importantly, the planning process created a real sense of commitment among our partners (Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program Planning and Priorities Committee) to operationalize the strategic plan.  I would strongly recommend Janice’s services to organizations who wish to develop a strategic plan that puts them on the road to success translating strategy into action."
    Claudia den Boer, CEO,  Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch (formerly Regional Vice President, Cancer Services)
  • "It is with pleasure I offer my testimonial for Foresight Management Consulting. As a CEO in the not-for-profit sector, with growing demands on my time and energy, I knew I was “missing” a vital link in my own personal development. That link, I determined was an independent consultant that could assess my strengths and assist me with effective strategies for continued growth. Dr. Janice Forsyth has provided me with outstanding Executive Coaching over the last year and is now working with the Senior Management Team. Janice has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.  I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality."
    Sally Bennett Olczak, M.A., Chief Executive Officer - Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex County
  • "Dr. Janice Forsyth worked with Children First over a 10 month period in 2012 to guide our management team through the restructuring of agency services. Her competent leadership provided one of the smoothest transitions I have experienced in my long career in mental health services. She assisted with both the planning and implementation of the transition while continuing to advance the goals of the organization. The management team unanimously agreed that working with Janice was an excellent move. We are in the process of evaluating our progress and we brought Janice back to facilitate the discussion. I highly recommend Janice for organizations that are experiencing transitions."
    Mark Donlon , Former Executive Director - Children First
  • "As I reflect on the months we have worked together, I can honestly say that the experience and value of having Janice as my coach, has been a critical element to my development as a leader.  The ability to discuss confidential and specific situations with a trusted third party has been extremely beneficial to my professional and personal growth. I really appreciated Janice’s solution-focused approach, and her knack for helping me to rediscover and get the most out of my strengths."
    Adam Vasey, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

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