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An Effective Way to Frame Strategic Planning in 35 Words or Less

    A couple of years ago a colleague from outside of higher education brought a Harvard Business Review article from 2008 to my attention. Written by Collis and Rukstad, “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is” raises the question: “Can you summarize your company’s strategy in thirty five words or less?” This article came to me

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    Whose responsibility is talent management?

      Terrence Harrison, Group Manager Talent: Learning & Development and Resourcing at ArcelorMittal South Africa Though there is recognition that South Africa’s workplace is filled with talented individuals – who, with the right training and mentoring can become great leaders and contributors to the country’s economy – more needs to be done from an organizational and

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      The Ridler Report 2013 – key trends in executive coaching in the UK

        The annual Ridler report provides invaluable information on current trends in the use of executive coaching in the UK. The 2013 edition reports on findings from in-depth assessment of executive coaching in 145 UK organisations. For those with limited time here is a summary of the key aspects from Managing Change. Cambridge Network – read

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